Many a priest would gladly remind us that we are all playthings of the gods, and in that in Their wisdom They have a plan for us all. Never had our heroes been so violently reminded of this before the battle of the Thelalian estuaries. Though their technological and numerical superiority should've given them a decisive edge over the might of Ascalon, they struggled to stand against the minions of the enemy's divine patron, the Crimson Waltz Migalo -- first hoards of vrocks, and then a balrog -- until their own immortal cobelligerent slew the balrog, and with it shattered the Empire that had ruled the continent since long before their births.

Still, allies are not friends, and Lucia turned on Insuia, murdering her lecherous father and king. But the once bastard, now self-made goddess and orphan had exhausted the strength of Helix and could not maintain her avatar for much longer. She would need to find a yet stronger source of holy energy or become mortal once more.

And so for now, King Kailen will be spared his sister's wrath.

On the other hand, he will not be spared anything else. Having seen through Percy's aim of demolishing the Empire of Ascalon, the Ozymandian mercenaries that Kailen had recruited immediately betrayed him, abducting him to realms unknown and laying claim to his capital and lands. The Poet, that obscure chessmaster, has an unknown dark design on the hero of Ashbay.

Gyro perhaps fares better, but even if they choose to abandon Insuia, the ally they never truly had, they have quite a fight ahead of them, for they must vanquish a goddess if they would see order restored. Will the cruel angel emerge victorious, striking down Helix's children as easily as she destroyed Him?

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