The Heroes of Halfput land in the dirt in front of a large city by the name of Delmerev. now in front of the Dragonborn city just being teleported by the evil witch Sarin Morgon they enter the city, passing a door way that was enchanted to only allow those who worship a god to come in. Most of the party made it through now problem. They entered a city full of hustle and bustle sporting five roads made individually of red,gold,blue,black and white colored bricks. Each road represented a clan of sorts red ( Manufacturing weapons and siege engines for warfare as well as managing the army of delmerev),gold (The aristocratic class managing the cities finances and peace keeping)Blue, (Responsible for making defenses like armor and enchantments for the city as well as some trade.), Black (spies as well as the underbelly of delmerev full of unsavory folks.) and white(Responsible for making fine clothing jewelry and other commodities.). They make their way through the city to talk to the cities leaders to the parties surprise the city was lead by four dragons representing the roads Red, Blue, White,Black and Gold. barred from talking to them they move back into the city and get abducted by a Group of black dragon born. They awaken in a room and approached by a gnomish man, the head of the mafia in Delmerev. After some disturbing dragonborn foreplay with the gnomes wife the party was released but after being released they slew the gnome.They left the underbelly of the town and were hired by the city to join the military. reluctant they joined and the city was immediately attacked by Teiflings and half fire giants called Blood Dwarves belonging to the forces of Rogon. The party joined the troops and marched to the plains where the fire giants and blood dwarves attacking the centaur inhabitants. Watching in horror they lept into action fighting a war that would rage for ten years.

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