One rhapsody of vagabonds was allegro apasionado, opening with a fifer's cadenza. The throbbing of the chorus shook the ground, shook the house's hearts. And as the lyre's rise laid waste to the sorry drummers, all were lost to rapture, until a single alto was left to wail words of warning; but of course the world heard from her naught but siren's song.

Such a success was the piece that it was made film, only the grandest production of its time. The hero and his heroine were chosen to be the sweetest candies of the eye: If I were to meet one of them, here and now, I fear I could never settle for a mere mortal again, for her well-rounded form, his untelling smile, awaken sensations inside of me I did not feel the moment of my first kiss.

Did the investors adore the film, or did they adore the soft metals weighing down their pockets? Not a single tear fell from their cheeks at credits' roll.

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