The Heroes of Halfput tells the tale of six heroes that assembled unknowingly onto an ancient alter that called to them. one by one they exited the forest in to a clearing where stood the alter to a dark god long forgotten. they battled their way through a goblin troop guarding it. They broke the alter opening a swirling portal to a dark realm. they entered the portal and on the other side a crpyt they fought their way through a number of traps and accidentally unleashed a horrible black ooze from its prison. the ooze slithered through the open portal and in to the unknowing world.

They left the crypt to stumble upon the town of halfput where they met a woman named Sarin morgon a leader of sorts in the town. While talking to sarin the town was attacked by a hoard of zombies oozing of black goop. They dispached the undead and headed out to find a hermit named hogem that was trained in the art of medicine. they past through the evermulch forest in an effort to locate hogem but were attacked by dire wolves and nearly killed before finally driving them off. As soon as they defeated the wolves they headed off towards hogems hut and aided him in creating a cure.

They took the cure back into town and presented the cure to sarin. Sarin took the cure in hand and destroyed it revealing her true nature along with a few of her cohorts. the heroes attempted to stop the now doppleganger sarin from escaping but inevitably failed. the town was then assaulted by a black oozed forest, strange things started to shamble out. The heroes dispatched them with the help of a local of the forest by the name gorem. Gorem took the adventures to his village of evermulch where they taught the elders of the village how to make the cure. thet took a much larger batch of the cure to the town and saved halfput. after curing the town they set off to face sarin who was casting a very powerful spell. Sarin summoned a giant dopple ganger to fend off the heroes but she was dispatched. With her last shred of energy she cast a mighty spell to take thye adventurers away to a place called Delmorev .

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