Khemed Gogz, determined destroyer of corruption int he confederate government looked to seek out the big players of PROJECT ROSCOE and bring them in for his own form of justice. Finding the targets of his wrath after an extensive investigation he starts on a path that he would not ever recover from. He began his investigation in Topos, within the Ash Department of Law and Order. Looking for any clues he could find to bring the people responsible for this project to justice. Little does Khemed know, the hammer he so righteously swings is no longer under his own control...

November 11th

Khemed's first target is the father of Aberforth Hux, Aldus Hux. the previous CEO of the project. After speaking with President Jan Steele, the chancellor, a few governors, and the current head of military the location was relinquished to Khemed. A prison outside of Akedeos, mid security and just a a few walls were all that were between Khemed and Aldus Hux. Khemed simply walked up to the guards with Aldus Hux's key card and showed the guards. They brought him in for questioning, but found out shortly after that a terrible danger was before them. Khemed turned the building into a fireball and slew the guards with various means. Going down the elevator to where Aldus was being held he could hear the sirens outside, and made the decision to knock Aldus unconscious and teleport him and himself out of the burning prison.

Upon returning to the Island of Sputnik with an unconscious Aldus Hux Khemed waited until he was roused to consciousness. Aldus was questioned and then thrown into the circle of lightening as a testament to Thor's power. Aldus shared little with Khemed before he was executed, and Khemed left sputnik again to find a new lead.

November 16th

After a second meeting with Jan Steele and the interim prefect of Akedeos Khemed decided that they would be of no help to him and he decided to look elsewhere.

Khemed asked Thor for guidance as his lust for vengeance was not sated yet. Thor told Khemed, Paragon of the Sixth Age, to pull the spirit of Aberforth Hux from purgatory and question him. You will get your answers then. After getting the materials for a true resurrection spell Khemed brought Aberforth back to life and looked to question him about PROJECT ROSCOE.

Aberforth, believing that he was in purgatory the whole time spilled everything he knew about ROSCOE, which was more than Khemed could have hoped for. After making his hit list of individuals who had anything to do with the project Khemed executed Aberforth without mercy, claiming that it would just be better that way. Khemed now had his targets and he knew where they would be.

November 18th

Khemed set out to Topos for the meeting of the League of Legends. His goal was to crush the whole damn building and everyone inside. His target were the governors and high ranking politicians of the confederacy who had funded and allowed the atrocities of the project to continue while Khemed's people suffered from the experiments. Khemed called up his old friend Gallois to help with distracting the queen of gyro, and Khemed had a soft spot for her because of the aid she lent when he needed it. The distraction was a success and using the power of the book of Thor Khemed submerged the whole building under the earth and killed roughly 250 people including all but two of the senators.

Khemed had seen the senators leave in cloaked armored transports and went to pursue them. after blowing up one transport with a very powerful fire spell another transport rode to him. Khemed used the Book of Thor to convince the whole force to abandon the armored car and was back to Topos and forget what they were doing. Khemed took the abandoned car and drove it directly into the last armored car that held the last two senators of the confederacy. within five minutes the senators were nothing but ash and Khemed was nowhere to be seen. The League of Legends was no more.

November 21st

Bill Harlow or Kid Bill as some folks have come to calling him was on an investigation looking for who was behind these attacks. A group calling themselves the Weird Sisters claimed to be behind it, but Kid Bill knew powerful magic when he sees it. He traveled from The Ranch to Topos to investigate the building, taking a break from bringing in rioters and ROSCOE scientists. After talking with the police on duty, and a precise investigation Kid Bill had found hard evidence that Khemed was the one that was behind the attack, finding a piece of Thor's Mercy at the scene of the first transport attack.

Kid Bill called Cucamelon to aid him in bringing in Khemed to the confederacy for his mass murdering spree of confederate citizens. Traveling to sputnik with the piece of the hammer in his possession with the intent of confronting Khemed was the plan. Upon the confrontation of Khemed and Kid Bill (and also the confirmation that Khemed did indeed attack the confederacy more than just once.) Khemed picked up kid bill and threw him from his personal chambers and told him and Cucamelon to never come back. Even in a weakened state the two would be no match for the Paragon of Thor and they fled with their lives intact.

November 27th

Khemed only had two targets left, Lucas Azumaya and Prefect Novato Mumford. Deciding that because Mumford was moved to an unknown location, Khemed would travel to Lucas Azumaya's home and lie in wait for him to come home. However Lucas's wife had arrived first and while Khemed tried not to involve her she saw Khemed defeat and teleport Lucas away from his home. The fight was brief, but never before had Khemed's targets land a blow against him. Khemed pitied the elven woman that had just lost her husband, but also respected Lucas, for a very short period of time. Lucas was then slammed directly onto Thor's Stone and obliterated from this plane. Khemed had only one person left on his list.

Meanwhile the confederacy, along with Cucamelon and Kid Bills investigation, had deduced that Khemed has been targeting all individuals of the old government of the Confederacy attempting to bring in a new era of peace with no ties to a past where ROSCOE existed. Lucas was smart and managed to get the information out that Khemed Gogz was the one to commit all of these attacks at the cost of Lucas's own life. Lucas wrote down an address for Khemed to go to where he would find Mumford. Khemed followed the instructions without hesitation.

December 1st

Khemed followed the address to the letter, literally. Right in the spot that was pointed out on the paper was a very tall building, much like a small aircraft hanger. This didn't seem right, thought Khemed. Mumford was arrested, perhaps they are moving him soon. Without hesitation Khemed struck the door down only to find that it was booby trapped by the confederacy and inside this hangar as a Blaster unit code named HOBBES.

This Blaster Unit, unknown to Khemed at the time, was equipped with a live-broadcast camera and microphone which recorded the whole battle between this massive blaster unit and Khemed Gogz.

The fight took almost 2 hours, but Khemed finally wore down the blaster unit enough to smash the thing into pieces with his hammer. The blaster unit then exploded and the whole building was scattered all over the desert. Khemed woke up soon after and teleported back to sputnik to prepare for his final search.

During the time Khemed lost consciousness president Jan Steel and Raon Lee had a joint declaration to fight against sputnik for their atrocities against their nations. If Khemed was to continue his transgressions then the new alliance would have no choice but to declare war.

December 2nd

Khemed, still hurt from the battler with the blaster unit, received a very peculiar visit from a strange, tall individual. He didn't say who he was, where he was from, or who he represented. What the strange individual offered though was information, he knew exactly how to get to Mumford and where he was being kept currently. He didn't want anything in return, and Mumford represented an obstacle for the strange individual and he wanted it dealt with. Khemed agreed and said that it would be dealt with by the end of the week.

December 7th

Khemed traveled to the Topos airport in the attempt to sneak aboard a confederate airship bound for The Skyprison of Ado-Edith. The prison that help Mumford inside. After duping two guards to leave and chase a kid across the airport, Khemed moved to subdue a guard and take his clothing. After sneaking into the military part of the airport Khemed finds a manifest with two important details waiting for him. Two airships were headed for Solister and one airship was heading for the prison Mumford is located at. Khemed utilizing his disguise didn't have to sneak aboard the airship, as he simply walked on and went directly to the canteen for a couple hours while the ship was headed for it's destination. When it arrived Khemed got to work, looking for Mumford aboard the massive air transport. Nobody even questioned Khemed as he looked room by room for the old man. After finding him on the deck of the airship and convincing him to leave with him, Khemed teleports him and Mumford back to Sputnik and asked Garagin to call for the Strange Individual.

After giving Mumford a feast, Khemed turns him over to the Strange Individual, and doesn't look back.

Khemed has finally brought himself inner peace for the time being, but that peace will soon be broken by the remainder of the nations on Ascalon. But for now Khemed rests as he must come to fight once again.

- I just want my, and all of my brothers and sisters peace.

Khemed Gogz

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