The sun orbits around the black hole Reinhardt, which is 25 ly away.

The earth has a greater moon and five lesser moons: Borns-Weil, Dyatlov, Oh, Tataru, and Zworski. The lesser moons are less than 25 miles in radius and were absorbed from the asteroid belt. The asteroid belt is quite close to the earth.

Some other planets include the watery planetoid of Urysohn, the firey planet of Ulam, and the twin gas giants Zermelo and Frankael.

The center of the galaxy is the supermassive black hole Berkeley. The nearest star to the sun, which also orbits around Reinhardt, is Vopenka.

Spice and Warforged 2Edit

As of 348 YD, spaceflight has become quite cheap. The hard part is getting a manned spaceship into space, but once someone does that, one can teleport astronauts between the ship and the earth using a modified Word of Recall that was developed by Akadeoshi mages. The Astronomy Tower in Hibike was an early prototype of an instrument that could be used to invoke such a spell.

The Gyran Space Force has developed a small fleet with which they intend to colonize Borns-Weil with the intention of mining the asteroid belt. They claim this is essential for certain military purposes, but exactly what they want is not clear. The Gyran Space Force is commanded by Danu Asmara and Mercury; "Leonhard Euler" also has a lot of influence, being one of their first Space Cadets.

Other organizations are working on colonizing the lesser moons as well. Some may have even succeeded.

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