The Magitek City of Akadeos is the capital and only city in Akadeos Prefecture, a polity which is a member of the Confederacy of Ascalon's Ashen Waters. It is known for magitek research, being one of the world centers of science and wizardry, along with the Hodgetheatre, Arakelov of the Eternal Night, Gyro, and New Delmorev. Akadeos is home to the Magitek Campus, the university and research facility where Confederate military technology is developed.

History[edit | edit source]

Akadeos is one of the oldest cities in Ascalon, and was founded in the Highwastes by mages who were exiled from Aguos during the Ashbay War, a conflict between Aguos and Spanos in 641 BP. By 254 BP, the colony had grown into a proper city, and was ruled by a cult that worshiped the enigmatic god Helix. However, magical experiments frequently attracted paragonal monsters and storms to the city, and in 150 BP, when the cult completed construction of the Free City of Gyro, they abandoned Akadeos. However, a schism over whether only a "true Aasimar" -- an individual who descended from Helix and the First Queen of Gyro, with no other mortal lineage -- which would surely lead to an inbred nightmare of a royal house saw the "true Aasimari" exiled from Gyro and back to Akadeos 52 years later.

The exiles rebuilt Akadeos, which was annexed by Greater Spanos during the War of the League of Cities in 73 BP. The Treaty of Asbury (10 YD) made Akadeos part of Insular Ascalon. During the Divine War, Cafca "the Aasimar", a "true Aasimar", used Akadeos as his base of operations when he summoned an army of vrocks, and then a balrog, against Gyro. The side effects of these summonings caused rapid degeneration of the wildlife around Akadeos, and brought Akadeos into conflict with its southern neighbor Topos, which lead the League of Cities to declare independence from the Empire. Cafca's summoned demons were slain by Lucia, and Cafca was captured by Princess Nulara Gyro at the Battle of Thelalian Estuaries (88 YD).

Cafca is still remembered as one of the greatest mages in history, and a statue of him guards the entrance of the city of Akadeos to this day. The rest of the city, however, is unrecognizable from its state during the Age of Empire. The pious would say that Cafca's city was punished by Pamant Herself for his sins; the region around Akadeos, reaching as far as the southern reaches of Topos, has degenerated into a salted desert prone to tornadoes made of pure ash. Dangerous, mutated monsters roam, and the whole region is known as the Manufacted Desert. After the nearby settlements were destroyed in war, Akadeos retreated into a glass buckyball-shaped bubble that shields it from its inhospitable exterior. Only the impoverished, unable to afford to live inside the city's boroughs, live outside the bubble.

Today, Akadeos is governed by Prefect Aldous Hux, formerly the Supreme General of the Confederacy, who still personally oversees the military of Akadeos Prefecture, and is a member of the Conservative Party. Hux claims descent from Helix through Cafca, and so identifies as Aasimar. After an allegedly unknown incident incinerated part of the Manufacted Desert with lethal necrotic radiation, Prefect Hux has ordered the city sealed shut, with no man permitted inside.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Prefecture Capitol Building: A 2-story building, the oldest in the city (predating the creation of Gyro), the senate of Akadeos Prefecture and the personal residence of Prefect Hux, and his children, Aberforth, Anissa, and Alexis.
  • The Atomic Campanile: The tallest building in Akadeos at 4 stories, a campanile that presents the time from an atomic clock -- the world's standard -- in North Magitek Campus.
  • Prefecture Barracks: A military base attached to the Capitol Building, consisting of a token force tasked with defending the Prefecture from outside invasions, though more often they end up fighting against stray experiments.
  • Magitek Campus: Divided into North and South divisions, a research university with a student body of 50,000 and the finest scientists in the world.
  • Boroughs Jiahua, Lalatina, and Go-toubun: Underground neighborhoods where the vast majority of the population lives.
  • Projects ROSCOE and JOLITH: Two independent research labs which carry out top-secret military research, specializing in aircraft. Project ROSCOE is connected to North Magitek Campus and the Aircraft Gate and Project JOLITH is connected to South Magitek Campus and the Research Gate.
  • The Main, Aircraft, and Research Gates: Sealed.
  • Cafca's Square: The main city square, just beyond the Main Gate, looked down upon by a statue of Cafca the Aasimar.
  • The Greenhouses: An elaborate greenhouse structure next to Cafca's Square and Project Lalatina, where food is grown so that, in the event that Akadeos must be sealed, its people will not starve.
  • Waste Management: Ostensibly the sewer system of Akadeos, our heroes have found some other abominations inside...
  • Magitek Bunker: ???

Subway Stations[edit | edit source]

  • Borough Jiahua, West
  • Borough Jiahua, East
  • Capitol
  • The Atomic Campanile
  • North Magitek Campus
  • Aircraft Gate
  • Borough Go-toubun, East
  • Boroughs Go-toubun and Lalatina
  • Borough Lalatina, West
  • South Magitek Campus
  • South Magitek Campus, West
  • Research Gate
  • Cafca's Plaza and Main Gate
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