Over time, Ascalon reformed, sometimes through violence, into Confederacy of Ash -- a loose alliance of democracies, merchant republics, and constitutional monarchies.

Due to Insuian/Feroshi resources, Gyran technology, and Akedoshi magic, Ash has become the most technologically advanced civilization, with human development levels similar to the European Union today.

The ruling class is a mix of human, Aasimari, and half-orc, and most of the wealthy or powerful can trace at least one line of their family to either the House of the Raven, the half-orcs of Spanos, or Queen Gyro and Helix. Common folk are these races as well as halfling, elven and dwarven.

Kobolds are still second-class citizens who live secluded from society underground, while most citizens are unsure whether to even view Warforged as sentient. There are even rumors that Akadeos tests its weapons on kobolds and defunct Warforged, but the Confederacy denies this. A typical research group in Akadeos is Project ROSCOE, which designs aircraft. The Confederate army consists of about 500,000 Warforged.

The skies and the Ascaloni hinterlands, as well as kobold territory and the far north (outer Adamant and the Prince’s Icechest), are still “uncivilized” and dangerous! “Sky sailors” are some of the bravest men in Ash, and are never seen without their “chickens on a raft.”

The political capital of Ash is Topos, while its air force is based out of Gyro and its navy is based out of Aguos. Thanks to Lavaluka’s mall investments, the largest metropolis in Ash is the Cosumnes-Thelalia region.

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