The Federalists[edit | edit source]

  • Chancellor Walter Woodin - Head of State, de jure Prefect of the Capital, member of the Conservative Party. Mild-mannered and wants to negotiate a detente with Ame no Murakami. Has become quite unpopular because of this. Now holds no power due to Steel's emergency powers, and on the run after the fall of the League.
  • President Jan Steel - Head of the Executive Branch. Non-partisan position. Largely just a bureaucratic role, appointed by the Chancellor, which exists to put others' policies into effect. However, can claim emergency powers -- and for this reason, is the only individual who can override the constitutions of individual territories.

Owing to the terror attacks of Light and Karpov, mass rioting and protests caused by tensions with Ame-no-Murakami, and the defeat of Frederick Guardian Gyro, President Steel has claimed emergency powers, effectively ousting Woodin and suspending the League. In her ascendancy speech, she claimed that "The Murakaman General Secretary once told me that I have no soul. But I have something much more valuable: a brain." As President, Steel has mobilized the Guards of the Prefectures to put down the rioting, and ordered the special forces of Thelalia-Gyro to crush Light and Karpov. Not two weeks after Steel's rise to power, Dorin Lathbrood was executed by General Khemed Gogz of Sputnik, causing the civil strife within the Confederacy to die down -- and since then Woodin has pressured the League to terminate Steel's emergency power.

After the battle of Akadeos, Steel lifted the bounties on Light and Galois and began the process of rounding up and arresting ROSCOE affiliates. Woodin's bid to terminate Steel's emergency tenure thus ended, and he is expected to resign soon. Steel has since declared herself temporary dictator until a new League can be appointed.

The Old Senate[edit | edit source]

Heads of state of each of their individual territories, but also their representatives to the League of Legends.

  • Queen-President Carol Abbott Gyro, of Thelalia-Gyro - Hereditary, allied with the Conservative Party. In theory the people could elect a president who wasn't also the reigning monarch, but this has not happened for over 100 years. Descendent of Helix through Nulara Gyro, reowned for her charisma and grace, which keeps her subjects at ease. Economically libertarian, in the tradition of Lavaluka Gyro. Lost her sight in the fall of the League and abdicated the throne.
  • King Agog Kamemarsh IV, of New Ascalon - Hereditary, allied with the Conservative Party. Aside from military pursuits, active in promoting a new peaceful orcish culture, and stamping out Lucianism in New Ascalon. Killed in the fall of the League.
  • Prefect Ulam Gaturn, of Spanos - Member of the Urban Party and Leader of the Opposition. Mostly known for posturing as the *true* pro-military senator because of his focus on infrastructure. Murdered after the fall of the League.
  • General-Prefect Aldous Hux, of Akadeos - Member of the Conservative Party, and Chancellor Woodin's most trusted right-hand man. Retired after a productive career as Supreme General of the Confederacy to be elected Prefect of Akadeos. Pro-kobold rights, but his bills are usually rejected by the party. Claims descent from Helix through Cafca the Aasimar. Arrested for treason, then went missing. Interim Prefect Jamie Rowan, a former secretary of Hux, leads Akadeos.
  • Prefect Kailen Kag, of Aguos - Member of the Urban Party. A controversial, brutish figure, whose territory nevertheless runs like clockwork. Murdered after the fall of the League.
  • President Novato Mumford, of Poetsbane - Member of the Conservative Party, and the staunchest opponent of civil rights reform and urbanization in the League. Wants to bring back coal and other antiquated technology to protect the interests of his people. Arrested for treason.
  • Prefect Lurie Jacobson, of Oghillos - Member of the Expansion Party. Moderate in issues of domestic policy, but favors a more aggressive stance against Ame no Murakami. Killed in the fall of the League.

The New Senate[edit | edit source]

  • Queen Nessa Gyro, of Thelalia-Gyro - Hereditary, allied with the Conservative Party. Aggressively pro-business. Known for the tragic events leading up to her coronation, which she will never forgive or forget.
  • King Agog Kamemarsh V, of New Ascalon - Hereditary, allied with the Conservative Party. Continuing the goals of his father of expanding the military and promoting reform in orcish culture, but somewhat more sympathetic to Lucianism. Has sworn to eliminate the Weird Sisters.
  • Prefect Jamie Rowan, of Akadeos - Member of the Conservative Party, focused on rebuilding Akadeos after the destruction due to the ROSCOE Incident.
  • Prefect Holly Mandela, of Poetsbane - Member of the Conservative Party. As her predecessor was quite popular in Poetsbane, and his arrest was viewed as a corrupt powergrab by members of Poetsbane, has promised to oppose President Steel every step of the way, even planning to run for Chancellor.

The Military[edit | edit source]

  • Supreme General Lucas Azumaya - Previously the Lieutenant Supreme General to Hux, who overtook his master's footsteps after he retired. Abducted from his home.
  • Supreme General Santiago Tokohu
  • Guardian Frederick Gyro the Martyrmaker - Lost his immortality, then went missing.
  • King Agog Kamemarsh IV - Killed in the fall of the League.
  • King Agog Kamemarsh V
  • Space Admiral Danu Asmara - The leader of the all-new Gyran Space Force.
  • Space Viceadmiral Mercury
  • Space Cadet Leonhard Euler
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