Along with the usual use for Inspiration, you can customize your character with Hubrises and Virtues. For every Virtue, you must add a Hubris.

You can spend an Inspiration to activate your Virtue, a custom, game-changing perk that must be RP'd. (Virtues must be approved by the GM.)

However, for each Virtue you must add a Hubris, a custom, game-changing liability (which also must be RP'd) and can be triggered by the GM once per session.

Examples of Hubrises and Virtues:

  • Virtue: Love at First Note - You can enchant crowds by your magical, pitch-perfect voice, rendering them unable to act. However, you must RP your singing.
  • Hubris: Spectral Price - You are haunted by your past, and this manifests in the form of a specter that spawns when you are under extreme stress. Only you can sense the specter and it does not attack, but you are terrified by it and will do anything to avoid or slay it, as if it was a very real demon.
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