The goddess Lucia was born a bastard named Nox to the King Thorde II Raven of Inusia, father of the Mad King Kailen, and a serving-woman. She was cared for by the king's cook, the only mortal to ever show her love. The wicked Queen Rafaei Lie cast her out in jealousy, but Nox used Her latent powers to smite Rafaei from this mortal coil. During the Divine War, Lucia did take Her holy name, and sent her two apostles forth.

The first apostle of Lucia was then and now known as Ramses, or Perseus the Poet. A prince of Ozymandias, Perseus took up Lucia's strength to command his people in the Divine War. Seeing the glory of their victories, the peoples of Sandathalon converted to the faith of the Goddess en masse. It was under his command that the Mad King Kailen was nearly slain -- but he was murdered at the hands of the evil Frederick the Martyrmaker of Gyro, who renamed the state Poetsbane in his cruel mockery.

The second apostle of Lucia is today known as Carmen, the Bleeding Lightning, a strong-willed strong-willed woman who lived in Insuia during the Divine War. She despised all injustice in the world, and for this reason, though she was a lady of a prominent house, it was Lucia -- not Pamant -- who she answered to. She sought a world without kings, where everyone could be equal.

But though Carmen had faith, it faltered when a charming prince, a distant cousin of the Mad King Kailen himself, asked for her hand. She accepted that unholy matrimony; but after seeing the extent of his ill-gotten gains, earned through starving the poor, she fled him, and remarried in common law to a poor but pious servant of our Goddess.

But there was no happy ending for Carmen. The wrathful prince revealed her true beliefs to bounty hunters who answered to Frederick the Martyrmaker, who ordered her slain. Her beloved was hounded to an early grave. But she took up a pact with our Goddess, and after months of traveling and training, called down bleeding lightning upon the prince. Shortly after she died of grief, but not before spreading the word of our Goddess as far as Topos.

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