The Sacrifice of the Steadfast is a legendary ruby, glowing with cardinal power. It is said to depict the ones the beholder loves most, but on command, it will sacrifice them, killing them instantly, to power the beholder's deepest wishes.

According to the legend, the Sacrifice of the Steadfast was wielded by Lucia against Helix in the Divine War. Since then, one such ruby has been an Insuian crown jewel, but locked away from even the royal family to prevent an errant prince from misusing it. Another Sacrifice is believed to be held at the top of Skull's Peak, the highest point in Farglance (and higher than any peak in Tortosa and Ascalon, for that matter). Many expeditions have departed with the intention of scaling Skull's Peak to seize the Sacrifice, but all have collapsed into infighting over the right to divine power. Even those which exuded camaraderie turned on each other over the fear of being sacrificed in the end. It is estimated that thousands have died in search for the legendary jewel.

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