As the Coast Guard stormed the Lucky Start, they quickly discerned that the only survivors were Dayra and Light, and that Dayra was insane. Thus, they dragged her away to the hospital, but she was dismissed that day by a negligent psychiatrist.

Meanwhile, Light and C3 became fast friends. They decided to steal back Dayra's stolen motorcycle, revealed to be a creation of one Jimkel Hillmarch (or Johnny K.) and thus property of the Storm Brood.

Galois and Dayra decided to try to make some money at the Tanmari, Futaba's mystical casino. After losing a lot of money to a cursed pachinko machine, they managed to escape to find that the motorcycle was gone. Dayra called for police to arrest the thieves, and they resolved to commandeer a boat and sail south to the Tyrfing Archipelago and make a living off of piracy.

The police finally caught up to Light, C3, and Wilson at a bridge on the River Lam-Hai. After a skirmish, Light's party escaped into the foothills.

That night, Dayra attacked a guard in the Futaba harbor, hoping to sneak in and steal a motorboat. In the fighting, she was killed and Galois arrested.

The next morning, after a long flight, Light's party encountered two sentinel robots, which lead them through a network of caves into Fort Bulette, an abandoned dwarven fortress and the hideout of Jimkel Hillmarch: an engineer of the Storm Brood and one of Light's (actually Arix Storm Brood, the notorious kobold gang leader) closest friends. After a tearful reunion, he confirmed Light's worst fears: the Storm Brood was all dead and the former chief Hagnar missing -- and he was a failed experiment of the Confederacy's Project ROSCOE, a research group borne out of necessity in the cold war, that could produce Warforged without Yamashitan cardinality. Light and C3 resolved to take down Project ROSCOE, and began to remake Light so that he could once again lose his old identity, or at least his old appearance.

Before they could do that, however, a familiar flute appeared magically in Galois' cell...

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