The party immediately took to Durette University to investigate their psychiatry programs. Posing as prospective students, they met a tour guide named Lara who took them to the department. However, at the first opportunity, Dayra attacked and drove her to madness, pretending to have been summoned by an errant student. In the confusion, they used Dayra's abilities to break into the office of the Dean of Student Affairs, and after an incident, were able to recover personal files of Anissa Amistacia, confirming that she had graduated from Durette, even if (as the university claimed) she'd never finished any classes there. They then fled the university, and after a brief skirmish, the town of Fujiwara.

After escaping Fujiwara, they arrived at Fort Bulette, where Light and Jimkel awaited. At long last, they could begin the long, dangerous trek to the Confederacy of Ash.

Meanwhile, two missing survivors (referring to themselves as MK and AH) of the Lucky Start massacre managed to get in contact with Light. He referred their coordinates to Base Arimel, which launched a rescue mission to the heart of the Hazamarakan river delta, deep in the rain forests of Ashobi...

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