Light and C3 successfully combined the structure of the medium-rare boba bot and the AI of Wilson to build a new friend, Medium-Rare Wilson.

Meanwhile, Adrina and Misaka were just minutes away from being rescued by the Coast Guard, when Adrina's signal fire alerted a party of Lucians, lead by Righteous Fury, to their presence. They were out for revenge for the fate of Storm of Light; but thanks to the timely arrival of Cato Nema's marines, they were all slain. Adrina took Fury's accursed greatsword, Gyrosbane.

Back in District Vakil, they met with Light and party, entrusting the sword to him. Shortly after, our heroes (or something like it) encountered Jen der Harten, harpist of Omnia, who was relieved to find Dayra alive (or something like it), having been tipped off to her location by an old friend of Evariste. She proposed that they perform with Omnia on the island of Vaerier, at the party of a girlfriend (or someone like it) of a dragon by the name of Antisthenes. Since this was on the way to the Confederacy, and in fact Antisthenes had proposed to fly the party across the Tyrfan-Confederate border, they accepted the offer. Indeed, Evariste resolved to become a famous drummer, and began offering autographs posthaste.

By way of some natural (and unnatural) transformations and an attempt to scam some teenage girls, the party crossed Pitman's Wall, or Barrier Alsosprach, into Zoroaster. There, they hired a homeless man by the name of Craig to serve as a backup body for Dayra as needed, and hit the road on their motorcycles en route for Vaerier. After a few incidents, they arrived in the marine city of Drague the next night.

In Drague, a sailor calling himself "Mr. Jiffy" offered to take them to Vaerier; they finally arrived on an island the following night. Mr. Jiffy left immediately after, for our heroes to watch a morbid scene: the islanders, who were decidedly not dragons, set alight a great effigy of the legends of old: Frederick, Nulara, Lavaluka, Kailen, and proclaimed: the Goddess is their Friend.

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