Topos is the capital of the Confederacy of Ash. During the days of the Empire of Ascalon, Topos was the most powerful member of the League of Cities, an alliance of mercantile city-states within Ascalon's territory.

Along with Gyro, Cosumnes-Thelalia, and Akadeos, Topos is one of the four great cities of the Confederacy. It is a circular city built in sets of rings of high-rise buildings around the Limitless Tower, the home and office of the President of Ash, Jan Steel, and the Chancellor of the Confederacy, Walter Woodin. Not far away is the Stellation, which oversees the defense and research budgets of the government.

A vast underworld exists in Topos, in spite of the semblance of law and order around the Limitless Tower. Your contacts are in the basement of a pub just a mile from the Stellation, Bonnie's Brew and Bash, wherein a certain black market auction takes place...

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