Tyrfing is the Confederacy's neighbor to the south, consisting of two strips of mainland (one on the continent of Ascalon, another on the continent of Tortosa in the south) as well as an island chain in the Sea Lovlos that separates them. Not as well-developed as the Confederacy or Murakami, Tyrfing has a weak government and unstable economy. Without effective law enforcement, piracy and smuggling are quite common. Dueling and other martial arts are legal, common, and often lethal.

Known Islands[edit | edit source]

In spite of modern cartography and the region's strategic importance, the Tyrfing Archipelago is poorly documented, as the power structure frequently changes, and possibly so does the geography.

The Tyrfing Archipelago is a no-mans-land from the point of view of the cold war: if Ame-no-Murakami or the Confederacy sent a naval force into the Tyrfing Archipelago without prior consent from their opposing superpower, it would result in war.

The Valo Autonomous Zone[edit | edit source]

  • Isle of the Ancients - Possibly was once a tourist destination ... ? Occupied by children (of unknown origin) who survived by preying on vessels sailing through Tyrfing. Incorporated into the Valo Autonomous Zone in 347 YD.
  • Isle Valo - The home of the Valorous Lucian cult, a sect of Lucia worship. Control seized by Light and converted to the Valo Autonomous Zone in 347 YD.

Other Loyal Islands[edit | edit source]

  • The Symmetric Island Group - A small chain of inhospitable jungle islands used as the filming site for certain FRS (Fatal Reality Shows) such as the Ultimate Showdown and Glenius Mortius' Dragons and Dungeons.
  • Swae - A small island off the coast of Ebbe, Tyrfing-on-Ascalon, and a tourist destination.

Lawless Islands[edit | edit source]

  • Vaerier - Home to the dragons Antisthenenes and Aedesia, and their subservient kobolds. Was formerly allied with Isle Valo.
  • Lyapunov Tor - A tiny island that can teleport around the Sea Lovlos. Had a small population that was completely wiped out during the Battle of Lyapunov Tor, 306 YD. Now populated by ... ?
  • The Monster - An island surrounded by difficult-to-see undersea boulders which cause many ships to run aground. Vicious pirates rule the Monster, and use sirensong magic to manipulate sailors into wrecking their ships.
  • Apollonius - In the Mentalscape world, this island was the home of a laboratory used by the Valorous Lucians. In the real world ... ?
  • The Baby Monster - ???
  • The Twenty-Six Pariahs - ???
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