Fall of IotaEdit

  • Isle Valo, lead by Arix Stormbrood and Hope, 20 Namesworn, 10 sailors, the Dragonsbane
  • Team Monkey, lead by Son Wukong, 32 children, 20 jetskis
  • Edges of Iota, leaderless, 18 children, 10 jetskis
  • 30 October, 347 YD, on the Island of the Ancients, Tyrfing Archipelago
  • Isle Valo victory. Iota incorporated into Valo Autonomous Zone, Monkeys and Edges incorporated into Valorous Lucians.

The Monkeys and Edges fought to defend Iota. The Edges had recently lost their leader, Adolf Vice; the Monkeys, realizing that Isle Valo did not want to hurt them, stood down quickly, while the Edges took a few more hours to yield. By the end of the night, Arix Stormbrood had persuaded them to stand down. Due to the revivifying effect of Iota, there were no casualties on either side.

After the battle, Light befriended the children and convinced them to join the Valorous Lucians. Tyrfing rewarded Isle Valo for bringing Iota to heel by incorporating Iota into the Valo Autonomous Zone and providing them with a new ship, the Transient. The loyalist Valorous Lucians opposed to Light who had fled to Iota after his coup of Isle Valo fled during the battle.

Fall of the LeagueEdit

  • Nation of Thor, lead by Khemed Gogz, 1 Paragon
  • Confederacy of Ashen Waters, unarmed, 6 military casualties, 200 civilian casualties
  • 18 November, 347 YD, at the League of Legends, Topos, Capital Prefecture, the Confederacy of Ashen Waters
  • Nation of Thor victory. League of Legends massacred. Beginning of conflict between Nation of Thor and Ascaloni alliance.

Out for revenge for the actions of Project ROSCOE, Khemed Gogz called an earthquake to massacre the League of Legends. He then hunted down the survivors, killing most of them with a firestorm.

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