Mechanics Rotation[edit | edit source]

craphole castle[edit | edit source]

  • "Come and play, for the night is bright..."
  • Bright Sabbath: raid damage
  • "Can you guess which one?"
  • Phantom Rune: either there's glitter around her (get away) or wind around her (get in close)
  • "Wet, wet, wet!"
  • Mist Rune: 8 meteors, everyone get in one
  • "When you play with fire..."
  • Flame Rune: One healer to water west of Titania, other to east, both have stack markers
  • Divination Rune: tank buster
  • Chains of Bramble: Halicarnassus move. DPS always go north, tanks/healers south.
  • Phantom Rune
  • "We're sick of this craphole castle!"
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

forest[edit | edit source]

  • "This may tingle a bit!"
  • Tether x6: Whoever eats the tether gets a stack of lightning vuln and takes lightning damage (this is an AoE). So we need a rotation of 6 people to take turns taking the tether away. Assuming Momo's markers, we can take it to Marker A. A tank can eat two with invulns but I'm not convinced this is worth because Fey Light is such a pain. For the rest of the party this is like a minute of free DPS. So we should probably let the melee ignore this mechanic outright.
  • Fae Light: Tank buster that hits three times and must be shared. Probably best to invuln, i.e. first tank invulns this one then swaps before the final phase.
  • "Twist and sprout!"
  • Growth Rune: Spawns those annoying brambles from the normal mode
  • Chains of Bramble: Need to find the safe spot (like in Halicarnassus) with respect to Growth Rune
  • Divination Rune
  • "Squish squash, a crimson flower!"
  • Frost Rune: Shiva circles
  • Uplift: Spread
  • Phantom Rune

first wave of adds[edit | edit source]

  • "The more the merrier..."

Titania goes invuln, Puck, Peaseblossom, and Mustardseed spawns. Mustardseed enrages and so needs to die asap. Peaseblossom dies second. Puck is the least scary but does give the tank a stacking debuff (swap after 2 stacks).

  • "Grow, my lovelies!"

second wave of adds[edit | edit source]

  • "Bigger is better!"

Kill order is the same, but now there's mechanics. Mage LB3 Mustardseed + Puck to make this more braindead. Stack on Marker 1, everyone with spread markers GTFO. After Mustardseed dies, a Heavensfall-type mechanic occurs at the same time as Chains of Bramble, use Heavensfall to avoid Chains of Bramble

  • Being Mortal: Titania's LB, not very scary if mitigated.

final phase[edit | edit source]

Same shit as before but faster.

  • "This is so much fun!"
  • Mist Rune
  • Phantom Rune: Deal with Mist Rune after this rune goes off.
  • Flame Rune
  • Growth Rune: To avoid the brambles, can rotate counterclockwise if necessary for Flame Rune.
  • Phantom Rune
  • Bright Sabbath
  • Fae Light: second tank invulns this one.
  • Frost Rune
  • Uplift
  • Bright Sabbath
  • Tethers x6
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